Abstract Drawing

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This is a charcoal drawing I did in my Drawing 1 class in college years ago. For this particular asignment, we had to do an abstract drawing.

Some elements of abstract art include the following (I'll put an x next to the techniques I used):
  • [x] exaggerate some part of the image
  • eliminate some part of the image
  • [x] distort, skew the image
  • [x] magnify the whole or a part
  • [x] reduce the whole or a part
  • [x] reverse the image or the lights and darks
  • stretch the image beyond what's natural
  • subtract out some part of the image
  • substitute something unexpected
  • use an unusual color scheme
  • [x] use dramatic value contrast
  • [x] changing attitude and or plane view - flatten the image, make it purposefully one-dimensional
  • [x] breaking down components into basic shapes
I hope you guys like it. If you want to see it larger, just click on the image & you'll see it full size.