Friday, January 15, 2016

Another Year, Another Number . . .

Still not feeling good today, this bug keeps hanging on. My right ear, throat & sinuses are giving me trouble. Consequently, I am really behind on my youtube channel; It’s the middle of January & I haven’t done my quarterly or year-end faves yet. :/

Speaking of it being the middle of January, I’m 41 today. :o Fortunately, that knowledge isn’t so depressing to me like turning 40 was. This time last year I was depressed because I felt like I should’ve accomplished certain things in my life & be at a certain place on the timeline of life, but I knew I wasn’t.

This was a year of mixed feelings. I felt depressed because of the aforementioned reasons, but as my Sister kept telling me: “we all have limitations”. I’ve kept that in mind this past year & I feel like I’m gradually becoming more accepting of myself. I still have a long way to go, mind you, but I think I’ve made progress.

So in retrospect, despite this being a year of mixed feelings, I think overall it was a good year. Thus, I think I can face getting a year older with equanimity. :)


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