Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Placemat Bag

I've been wanting to get into crafting more & this bag was the result. 

I've never created a placemat bag before, this was my first attempt, so please be easy on me. It's definitely not the neatest & cleanest project you've ever seen, but then how could it be w/a klutz like me doing it, lol. 

I mainly used a hot glue gun, except for the gussets which were hand-stitched. When I started working on it I had, to quote Han Solo, delusions of grandeur. I thought: "This can be my new Sunday meeting bag!", but by the time I got into it I thought: "Ah, no. I'll use this to hold my glue gun & glue gun accessories." LOL! 

It does work quite nicely for that purpose though. What crafty projects have you been getting into? Do share!


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