How Emo Can I Be?

So, it's been a hard week. Or 2. Or 3 or 4. Lol, you get the picture. For one thing, my sister's diabetes is way worse, due to a number of issues, so that's got me worried, but today's emotional "episode" was ridiculous.

I guess I should explain. A few years ago, Mal & I bonded w/our friends dog, Bud. He was a great Rottweiler/Lab mix dog.

Intelligent, loving, understanding, playful at times, mellow at times. Just an all around great dog. But then, as all pets do, he got sick & died. Mal & I cried & cried when he went. That happened over 2 years ago.

Fast-forward to today. We're in Mal's truck on our way home from her doc appointment & there was a funny commercial on the radio that reminded me of him.

I said "Aw, that reminds me of Bud" & then, without warning, I just started bawling. I was thinking to myself "what is the matter w/you", but, still, I cried. I was so embarrassed, but Mal said I shouldn't be.

Still, I felt so silly. He's been gone over 2 years. Some think it's weird to be that attached to an animal. I'll admit it, I used to think it was weird too. I had to bond with an animal myself to understand it.


  1. Animals really creep into our hearts. I had an iguana about 15 years ago who I STILL miss and got really realy sad talking about her yesterday. She was the sweetest thing ever! There is nothing to be embarrased over. Jehovah made us to want to care for them!!!!

  2. I believe this is what makes us human, makes us different from Jehovah's other creations. We care, love and nurture our pets and cry when they leave. There is no shame, I still get teary eyed over a dog we had to put down 12 years ago.

  3. Aww Gloria. You're being normal. You have to be stone cold not to love animals, dogs included. Don't feel bad about crying. That shows how much love you had for him. I lost my dog 15 yrs ago and I still cry for her. She was my baby. It felt as though I lost a friend. She was to me my best Bud. I used to talk to her and tell her my inner thoughts bcz I knew she'd keep them. SOunds silly, huh? But its true. So when I lost her, I lost part of me too. =,(
    Love you, Gloria..
    Lorena H (Happilyinsane71)


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