Lumbering Oxen Unite!

Ok . . . So we went to a Thai Restaurant called Satara last night, which is fantastic & I highly recommend it, but here's the thing: I belong to the society of Lumbering Oxen. Either that or I should start one & join. No, seriously. Let me explain.

We're eating dinner & talking. I thought I was finished chewing, so I spoke & rice kernels came flying out of my mouth! I was so embarrassed I let out an EEP!

One problem, is I have a huge tongue (birth defect/deformity) that either gets in my way or dislodges stuff (Eww!). So, my mouth is a problem. My body is a problem too. I have poor gross motor skills (bodily coordination) due to a combination of issues.

I'm a walking disaster waiting to happen. It shouldn't bug me so much, but it does. I knew a long time ago that I'd never be a graceful lady in this system, so why be concerned? Well, I'm sure I embarrassed my family & I probably do on a regular basis. I walk & I trip/fall or I open my mouth & food flies out.

Now, I'm wondering, is there anyone else out there among my sisters & brothers like me? Let's start the Lumbering Oxen Society. Maybe we could put our heads together & help each other out. Either that or we'll put our heads together & give each other a headache. Your guess is as good as mine. :P

So, if you're in a nice restaurant & see a nice family enjoying their meal, & then you see one fool in the bunch spewing food, or being clumsy in general, it's probably me. Just do my family a favor & don't stare, ok? It might save them a little bit of mortification.


  1. I never noticed you spewing or the Eep. lol Don't worry about it, you are cute & you write good! <3

  2. Lol, I'm glad you didn't notice, maybe no one else did either. Thanks!

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  4. Oh goodness Gloria, you do NOT embarrass me.

    You look at yourself and see a clumsy person, "a walking disaster" as you say. but I look at you and see a beautiful woman, inside and out.

    Your strength alone is amazing, you have survived despite all odds being against you, despite horrible traumas and years in and out of hospitals, all kinds of different therapies, surgeries and etc, not to mention the abuse we come from.

    In spite of it all, you have managed to develop and keep a great sense of humor, to know how to love and care for others, to be a wonderful sister and friend to me and to all of your friends, and a great aunt to your nieces and nephews. More importantly, you recognize why things are how they are in this system, and you keep faith in the fact that Jehovah will make it right eventually.

    Many with lesser limitations give up on life, give up on serving Jehovah fully, participating in the ministry, or doing anything important or even enjoyable. They become bitter and sad, staying home to lick their wounds and rue their life. In many cases, after isolating themselves so long, they start projecting the anger and self-pity they are wallowing in on others.

    You are graceful in your words and your treatment of others, in your love for Jehovah and your service to him. I have not seen you falter in your dedication to Him or in your belief that He will correct all of our imperfections in due time. I could be no prouder of you or of being your big sister than I already am.

    I love you!

  5. @Nina: Aw! Thank You. I feel like such a doofus sometimes, lol.


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