Serving Where the Need is Greater

Woo-hoo! It was announced at our book study last night that the Ruidoso, NM congregation needs our congregation's help with its vast mountain territory. Our C.O. sent a letter to our P.O. and Service Overseer, requesting the help of our congregation. We'll be helping where the need is greater, w/o leaving the state, I'm so excited!


  1. Oh ok, I didn't realize that you were Melonie's sister until I looked to the right and saw it LOL...I was thinking to myself "I just read this same thing on her page, are they in the same congregation." ;-P

    That's really awesome! I wish we could do something like that here...

  2. Nah, she's just a copy cat! ;o)

    This is the first time I will get to help another congregation like this!
    I am very excited!

  3. Ha now you sound like my sister and I ;-P


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